Month: March 2016

Obama Brings A Technological Revolution In The US


President Obama is one of the most innovative leaders in the world. He is striving to make full use of technology and its advancements. President Obama is also known as Social Media President as he is active in all sorts of social media and is growing closer to his people through social platforms.

Technological accomplishments
Barrack Obama is The First President to make a post and appoint a new Chief Technology Officer. He has started an online platform named We The People. People can contact him at any time and are assured that they will get a positive response too.


President Obama also has his start-ups which are purely technological. The health Initiative Blue Button introduced has helped the citizens of US to access their health-related information from doctors and hospitals very easily.

Immigration processing is also more efficient as most of the procedures can now be done online. There is very little paperwork required and this saves a lot of time. A new innovative product Nomorobo has been introduced which helps to identify illegal robocalls.

The Brain initiative also introduced provides more insight into the working of human minds and can be used positively to further research brain diseases like autism, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia etc.