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Snapchat Decides To Get Ready For Its Stock Market Launch

snapchatFinally, Snapchat decides to dive into the stock market. This news has not been announced officially to the world. However, reliable sources have sourced out information regarding this. Snapchat had taken the leap and will be going public very soon. The Banks entrusted with the IPO process and lead underwriting are
• Morgan Stanley
• Goldman Sachs

The other book runners are going to be
• JPMorgan Chase
• Deutsche Bank AG
• Allen & Co,
• Barclays Plc
• Credit Suisse Group AG

Sources reveal that even before the launch itself, Snapchat has a $25 billion valuation. This is a major break in the Tech IPO. The market has not been exactly friendly to Tech firms. Snapchat is proving to be the odd one out. Many investors are looking out to buy shares as they firmly believe that it is going to be a great and moreover profitable investment.

snapchat-1Snapchat aims at helping its users to live Life in moments. This is a Photo-sharing App, which unlike others gives the options to exchange photographs which are self-disappearing. The images get deleted automatically in seconds. This App helps to give users more privacy and security of data exchanged. Many people accidentally forward private images and messages, especially as phones, are mostly equipped with a touch screen. Unintentional sharing of images can be prevented to a large scale with the help of Snapchat.

This instant messaging App is more popular amongst Teens. Though they haven’t disclosed any information officially, hints and rumors have been suggesting that the company plans to go public by 2017. It looks like CEO Evan Spiegel has been planning for the IPO launch for quite some time as they have also appointed an IPO specialist to prepare for the public market leap. So all the Investors out there -keep your fingers crossed and get ready!