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Babies And Music, Both The Terms Bring A Smile To Your Face, Don’t They?


Studies suggest that preterm babies do not feel pain or disturbances while music is being played. Even full term babies do not feel much pain during the delivery sessions if the music is played.
The loveliest music to the preterm babies would be the sound of their mom’s singing. Music helps to regulate the breathing of babies. It is also extremely useful in stabilizing the heartbeat of these small angels. There is a practice of soothing babies in the NICU with music therapy.


The variation in the mother’s songs and voice are also really beneficial to the preterm babies. Fathers are not to worry. The same goes for them too. Babies can recognize their parents’ sounds from the time within the womb itself. Every baby is familiar with drums from the womb itself as they constantly listen to their mom’s heartbeats. The flow of amniotic fluid provides a gentle whooshing sound which in itself is a rhythm.

You can observe that while soothing music is bring played in the NICU, the babies are more likely to fall asleep .Those naughty ones who are too busy to sleep will surely remain calmer and listen to the song being played while their friends doze off . Though studies have been conducted and it hasn’t been proved scientifically, observations suggest that babies who are exposed to music therapy are discharged earlier than those who don’t get music therapy.

However, the important thing to take care of is a trained music therapist should monitor this kind of therapy as preterm babies may not have developed their neurological senses to the fullest. So, extreme care has to be taken to see that the music does not harm their neurological growth. Also as all the major organs of the baby are in the developing stage, careful administration of each and every drug and therapy is essential.


Diabetes – A Growing Hazard To Health


Diabetes is growing at an alarming rate amongst adults. WHO has conducted many studies to get an idea about the trend in diabetes. According to the study, WHO found that 422 million people i.e. adults are facing life with diabetes. The majority of these people live in developing countries.

Types of diabetes
The various types of diabetes are
Type 2 diabetes
This is one chronic condition which affects how the body processes blood sugar .
Type 1 diabetes
This is the chronic condition where the pancreas does not process insulin or processes very little insulin.
Here the patients’ blood sugar is high, however not as high to be called Type 2 diabetes.
Gestational diabetes
This is seen in pregnant women. There is a chance of this developing type 2 diabetes later on, however, most of the cases recover after delivery.

Reasons for diabetes
· Physical inactivity
· Excessive intake of Sugar and sweets
· Unhealthy diets
· Irregular food habits
· Inefficient insulin production
· Unhealthy weight gain

Care for diabetes
The best care includes having a healthy diet and reducing consumption of sugar. Always follow the advice of your medical practitioner and consume the prescribed medication. Exercising regularly will help to make you physically active and burn off unwanted calories.

Preventive measures
Dr. Oleg Chestnov, from WHO, has stated that most cases involving diabetes could be avoided and that measures to detect as well as manage this condition exist. He also hinted that by improving the odds, people who have diabetes can live healthy and long lives. It is sad to hear that insulin and other medicines to help in the treatment of diabetics are very scarce in poor countries.

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