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Stopping the drip of a compression valve

Fittings and valves connected to flexible copper pipe are subject to bumps, so they can leak. Tightening the compression nut slightly can usually stop the leak — see the figure below. The leak may also come from the valve — tightening the packing nut around the valve stem should stop this leak. If none of these quick-fixes work, replace the fitting or valve with a new one.

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1. Make a second cut on the other side of the leak and remove the bad section.
2. Clean each end of the pipe, and the ends of the short replacement pipe.
Also clean the inside of the slip couplings. Apply flux to all pipe ends and to the inside of the slip couplings.
3. Slide the slip couplings completely onto the new piece of pipe, and place the pipe in the gap left by the pipe that you cut away. Slide the slip couplings onto the old pipe.
4. Solder the new piece of pipe in place.
5. Close the faucets. Turn the water on to test for a leak.
Open the upstairs faucets to let the air out of the system, and you’re back in business.

Watch out for any water that may drip out of the pipe while you’re soldering — it’s boiling hot. Also, solder won’t adhere to pipes with water on them.

If getting all of the water out of the line is a problem, and small amounts of water keep dripping out of the pipe, soldering the replacement piece will be difficult. In this case, use a copper union. Solder the union nuts to the end of one section of pipe. (Don’t forget to slip the union nut over the pipe before you begin soldering!) Solder the other half of the union to the short piece of copper pipe. Then, solder the pipe to the existing section with a slip coupling. The open union allows the water to drip out while you’re soldering the repair together.

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