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Teens And E Cigarettes- Do They Actually Know What They Are Doing?

600x300xe-jpg-pagespeed-ic-dfa7gm_hq0Teenage is always an unforgettable period, for both parents as well as children. This is when you get to experience a feeling of adulthood, yet remain as kids of the home. Many children experiment the taste of no longer being called small kids. They need to know everything they can. Parents are to guide them through this period with utmost care. They do not like to be treated like babies, however, cannot be let free to do as they please.

Most teenagers in the US tend to try out smoking, drinking alcohol and even taking drugs at this time. Though the percentage of teenagers continuing the habits is less, it is to be noted that without proper guidance, they may not give these up completely. Studies have found that not all of them prefer tobacco products as they too are becoming health conscious. Teenagers use non-nicotine E-cigarettes more than nicotine ones.

e-cigarette-usageSurveys have also shown that more than half of the teenagers did not even know what they were inhaling. It was probably just a way to try it out or gel in their peer groups. The kids were more interested in the flavor the E-cigarette contained. They do not bother to find out whether they inhaled nicotine or not. E-cigarettes come in many flavors. There is no chance of these bring 100% safe either.

Teenagers should be aware that even though these products claim to be safe, vaping them for fun is going to cause damage to their lungs in the long run. The liquid contained in the E-cigarettes appear to be a mystery to many. The ingredients are not very well known to consumers. Teenagers who opt for this product are more attracted to the flavor and are least bothered about any of the risks they are causing to their own bodies.

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