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It’s High Time To Set Strict Limits To Alcohol Consumption In Britain


Alcohol in any form will not do good to your bodies in the long run. There are many old wives tales which confirm that a glass of wine a day is healthy. Many people believe that beer is a healthy drink if consumed within limits. However, there is absolutely no truth in any of these sayings. Health practitioners firmly believe that British people are consuming more than the permitted limit of alcohol. Doctors advise them to start reducing the number of alcoholic drinks they consume and adopt the practice of having tea more often.


According to the guidelines set, both men and women should not have more than 14 units of any form alcoholic drinks per week. This too should be spread evenly throughout the week. Pregnant women are asked to refrain from drinking any types of alcohol. As per the popular belief, consuming controlled quantities of alcohol is not harmful to health. However, new studies prove this wrong.

Observing the general trend and behavioral pattern of the British have proved that on a day like New Year’s Eve, the alcohol consumption crosses all limits. Many people have a problem with excessive drinking and they are not even aware of this. It has become a normal routine to chill out after the day’s work. This is a practice that definitely needs to see an end to.